ATI Radeon 4250?

Just wondering whether i will be able to play call of duty 4 or any 3D accelerator game - other 1st person shooters, whilst having this video card. I do not own this laptop yet but am thinking of purchasing one. Thanks
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  1. You can play COD4, but don't expect great performance from it.a HD 4250 is a low-end card so you have to play new games on low settings and on a low resolution.
    Consider at least a HD 5650M/Nvidia GT 330M for gaming on a laptop
  2. Isn't the 4250 an IGP? That alone will be a limitation, as no IGP is capable of decent gaming performance. Pretty much any laptop with a discrete GPU will outperform that device. Maziar is right, look for something alone those lines if you need good gaming performance. Beware, there will be a large price difference going that route.
  3. don't worry my friend the hd 4250 can handle this game easily and including most of the latest games but at low settings and low resolution.For an igp it is a good solution
  4. No,its a low-end card for gaming,read some reviews before posting please
  5. EDIT: Mis read a post, not applicable.
  6. @ Maziar didn't i mention at low resolution and low setting???
    people have even played modern warfare 2 with hd 4200 at medium settings with acceptable frame rates...and hd 4250 is better than hd 4200...
  7. It wont play cod world at war so I would say no it wont play modern warfare! go better!
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