Question about +12v / 17a and video card.

My video card requires 18a on the 12v rail, my current Antec 380w PSU has the following specifics: +12v / 17a, -12 / 15a. I don't know why I include the -12, don't know what that even represents, I like to be thorough and hopefully someone will enlighten me. Does a PSU like this have a possibility of crippling a video card when it is, to my estimations, one amp short? I say no because dammit I don't want to buy a new PSU but you tell me.


Edit: Sorry, these are the more accurate specs. +12V1@17A, +12V2@15A
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  1. It's marginal, but it will work. Do consider a PSU upgrade in the future - 6 months?
  2. The PSU also says 12V max 336W. 336/12 = 28 amp total max on the 12V rails.

    It should work. Do remember that the capacitors age so the PSU will output less wattage as it gets older. If its borderline now, in a year or two it may not be enough.
  3. Very informative answers. Well, stupidly, I had just bought this solely for the PSU upgrade, my old PSU was a wimpy stock 250w. I will sit on this for the time being and in two years think about getting a real PSU, depending on negative signs resulting from the various factors you mentioned.

    As a last question, I was wondering if the 12v only provide to the video card or does it go to the MB, processors, HDD? My system is pretty low end overall, would this have any affect on the gradual wear of voltage? Provided my assumptions that the 12v affects these elements of my system are correct, of course. I know, kind of an off the wall question.
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    Newer systems use 12V for the CPU also so overclocking will impact 12V usage. The 5V is pretty much for HDDs/DVDs.
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  6. Thank you I appreciate the help.
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