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I would like to do a RAID 1 with multiple boot options (Win7, Win8, Ubuntu 12.04). I have A75 chipset motherboard (which supports RAID). If I'm correct on-board RAID is sort of accelerated software RAID.
So my question would be, is it possible to make multi boot (with mentioned operating systems) RAID 1 with A75 on-board RAID controller?
And if answer is yes, what steps should I follow?

Thank you
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  1. there should be no problem, other that the usual hardware vs. software RAID issues
  2. Thank you for quick answer, can you help me a bit more? I haven't done any MBO controller RAID yet. I read MBO manual, but it is sort of crappy.

    I switched storage mode to RAID in BIOS, but I don't know what to do next.
    Is there prefered order for OS installation?
    Do I have to include drivers during OS installation somehow?
  3. Here's common FAQ for raid..Do some reading

    You need to create your raid/paritioned for the different OS you need

    Options to select which OS to run
    1) Linux have built in OS manager that select which OS to run. I don't use and recommend this.
    2) Use OS manager (i.e. Acronis) to select which OS to run at BOOT Time. This is what i use (Linux, Windows)
  4. Thank you!
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