CD/DVD Drive - No cables?

I bought this:

Samsung CD Drive

And there are no cables that came with anything that I bought. I have no idea what type of cable I need and why it wasn't included....

Any ideas?


-asrock 870 extreme3 is my mobo in case you need to know.
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  1. You would ordinarily need a molex power line and an ide cable for that drive, however, your mobo does not support ide devices, you should sent that drive back and buy a sata drive like
    alternatively an ide>sata adaptor like
    but looking at the prices for those, I would go with the replacement drive instead
  2. It's because you bought an OEM unit. OEM is just the drive and nothing else. Your board doesn't support IDE, you need SATA. And the drive recommended above is deactivated. Return your drive to new egg and buy this one:
    your motherboard should have come with Sata cables as well that look like this:
    Not the exact same color but the ends will be the same.
    your power supply should have a black connector that looks like the black one in this picture:,12-706-009-S02,12-706-009-S03,12-706-009-S04&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16812706009&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=1ST%20PC%20CORP.%208%22%2b4%22%20SATA%20power%20cable%20Model%20CB-SATAR2
  3. like amhumphers stated you need a Serial ATA (aka SATA) optical drive. both the information cables and power cables have an "L" shaped connector.

    this is the samsung SATA version of the DVD drive you purchased
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