Hard disk detected on bios but not detected on my computer

I installed a new SATA hard drive on my computer and made my old IDE hard drive to be slave.My old IDE hard drive can only be detected on BIOS but not detected on MY COMPUTER (same as my IDE DVD-ROM).PLEASE HELP
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  1. A bit more info about your system would be helpful. Beside that, there is no slave to a sata drive. Did you change any jumpers on the old HDD. Then revert that and it will be recognized.
  2. Set the hard dribe to be the master by the jumper on the back of the drive, make sure the jumper on the Dvd rom is set to slave, check you have plugged the Ide cable in right, the black part of the connector block should go to the drive set as a master and the grey to the cd rom drive set up as a slave. You may also have a drive letter assignment clash of the Sata drive and the Ide Drive, you may be best setting the mode to Ahci mode to help things along.
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