I7-860 core voltage?

its summer here now and my CPU is getting hot very hot idling at 60c :( its usually quite cool
so to try and relieve some stress and heat i disabled turbo boost
after i restarted my PC its all good till i load up CPU-z its still telling me that my core voltage is jumping a lot
it can go anywhere between 0.800v to 1.350v
it is running at default 2.8ghz
is it mean to go like this or is something to do with turbo boost?
any help or ideas would be much appreciated
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    All the new boards have energy saving features built in, including Intel's speedstep software designed to save energy. 60c is a normal temp for your cpu; I had a 750 that idled at that temp, and jumped to 90c under load, so you're fine. Your cpu temp and voltage will vary with load; the board is constantly adjusting it to save energy. I would leave it alone.
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