Thermalright MUX-120 Cooler on 1366 board

So I was originally building an 1156 system so I purchased the mux-120. I have since moved into building a 1366 system.

I want to buy the 1366 bolt-thru kit that thermalright has on their site but my cooler isn't listed in the supported units.

However, for the 1156 kit, it lists (among others) the following as being compatible:

Ultra series, HR series, MUX-120, IFX-14

For the 1366 kit, it lists (among others) the following as being compatible:

Ultra series, IFX-14

Seeing as how the IFX and Ultra series are supported by both kits, wouldn't that also mean that the mux-120 would also work with the 1366 bolt kit? Thermalright's contact page is broken so I haven't been able to email them about it.

If it's just not compatible, I guess I will have to get a different cooler.
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    I would make a Email, and see what they say about it... and then i would ask Forum what to do :)
  2. So, their contact page was still broken when I checked last. However, I viewed the source on their contact page and found some addresses.

    I emailed them and it looks like the kit will in fact work with the cooler. They said many of their kits are usable with different coolers.
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  4. So, 3 months later, I changed out of the Antec 1200 to a 300. Got rid of the H70 cooler and installed the Mux120 with the 1366 kit. Works great. Much quieter than the H70 and temperatures are comparable.
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