PSU and Optical Drives

Ok so ive got most of my parts
i7 870
GB- P55A UD3
GTX 470
Thermaltake Armor + (full tower)

And now im down to the cheaper parts, ima be geetting a 6/4gb RAM not sure yet

But im unsure on both the CD/DVD Drives and the PSU ill be getting sum 1TB HDD not sure on brandning yet suggest one? ^.^

Anyway im now uying from this parts list and if u can find a PSU and CD/DVD Drive that is in black it would be apprecatied as in red means it in the city and i cbf going that far ^.^ but if i have to i will thanks again
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  1. For the power supply, I would go with the seasonic s12 620 or corsair tx650; both are about the same price. Avoid the cheaper brands such as coolermaster or thermaltake. For the dvd, check out the samsung blue ray combo.
  2. For optical drives, my first choice is Samsung, closed followed by LG.

    My last 5 PSU's have been Corsair.
  3. My advice on optical drives are Sony or LG, I have had each last over 5yrs and thier still in my PC today, same with Western Digital HDD.

    And for PSU's Seasonic, Corsair, and Antec in that order. You should be able to power your PC with a good 550w PSU, but going with a 600 or 650 will give you a nice amount of headroom to work with.

    And lastly, I would go for Western Digital for your Hard Drives.
  4. Wow thanks so much guys ill probably end up with a WD HDD, Samsung for opt, and corsair for PSU ^.^ and i was looking at the coolermaster 600W but now im thinking Corsair since u all gave high apprecation ^.^ thanks
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