Compare Asus p8p67 LE and p8p67 PRO, what is the loss to go with LE if i\'m not

^Tiltle said it. I'm building up a new system with core I5 2500 and i wont be overclocking.
The title was "Compare Asus p8p67 LE and p8p67 PRO, what is the loss to go with LE if i'm not overclocking" but it was too long to fit in.
I already have GTX 460 768MB. I've read that the LE version doesn't have stuffs like DIGI VRM and Intel LAN support but i wanna know will they matter if i don't overclock? And for single GPU build, will they be the same? At my place, the p8p67 (non-suffix) is not available so it's out of the list.
For some reason, the local shop at my place writes that Asus p8p67 LE has "Dual Intelligent Processors 2" (isn't it the DIGI VRM feature?), im so confused now.
The difference in price of those 2 at my place is around 35~40$, is it worth it to go with the PRO version for an extra 40$?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Please help, i'm planning to get my new pc in a few more days.
    Thanks again.
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    It's not worth the price if you never use the extra features. It sounds like you won't, so just get the cheaper one. It's still ASUS so it's a good quality board.

    And no, the Dual Intelligent Processors feature isn't the Digi+ VRM. The DIP has to do with power saving features.
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  4. Thanks for the reply, i'm getting my new PC by tomorrow, your answer timing is just perfect and it solved my problem :)
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