Upgrades 2007 gamer PC

I built this PC in 2007,its time for a few upgrades :

I use an Gygabyte N650SLI Motherboard,OCZ 6Gig ram Memory and I have a
Intel Core Duo E6850 w 750W powersupply and an EVGA8800GTS card
running vista 64bit

Under some advice I bought a new vid card already (XFX 5750) and
I see very very little difference if any change at all

Felling like I already wasted my money on a card and I am thinking I got bad advice and or
my CPU is just too slow and maybe I need a new one like an i5 of some sort

I come to Toms Hardware for comparisons but really Im out of the loop
3 years so That makes my knowledge obsolete
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  1. I play COD ops,LFD,HL2....
    Im sure I have things to consider to upgrade...CPU and type,Mobo maybe ?
  2. Id like to learn to overclock my system..... :)
  3. Quote:
    ^ Go to bios, up the voltage, spin the fsb, tweak the multiplier.

    And wala, smokes shall rise from the socket :D

    LOL..........Im looking to learn to smoke my system
    I have power adders on everything else I own and drive :sol:
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