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Sad story...

Okay, today I finished building my PC and when I went to turn it on, nothing happened and there was a green light on my mobo near the USB 2.0 port. I figured after a little research that is was the PSU. I have 3 fan cases and only 2 cords on my PSU that have the 4-pin connectors to plug into the fan slots on the mobo. At first I had the two biggest fans in the CHA_FAN1 slot which had 4 pins, and a single fan into the CHA_FAN2 slot which had 3-pins. I switched the fan connectors around and then when I turned on my computer again, everything seemed fine for about 5 seconds. Instantly i smelt smoke and I saw a wire in my mobo turn orange and travel down the mobo. I instantly turned off the pc and pulled out the power cord but the damage was done i believe. There are smoke marks on the mobo right next to my ram sticks and what seems to be a groove where it overheated. My question is... is it a dead motherboard now, or is there some way I can fix it... :(
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  1. If it was just the fan header, then chances are your mobo is still ok. To connect your two fans to one header, use this .
  2. So if I had the two fans connected to one PSU cord, but used that adapter to create two 3 pins instead of just one 4 pin, and then used the remaining PSU cord to plug into the CHA_FAN1 which was a 4pin, and placed them in their slots, it would be fine? To be honest now that I think about it, the 4 pin from the fan-PSU-mobo didn't have the wires in the right order. The black wire couldn't match up on GND, and the yellow couldn't match up on 12v.
  3. Also, the mobo could be fine even though there is basically a hole where it burnt, and smoke marks?
  4. you previsously mentioned "groove", but now you're saying "hole". To clear things up, if you have a hole, then the circuits nearby the fan header may also be inoperative. Really, the only way you'll know for sure is if you try to power it up. I would do a breadboard (build outside the case) so that you only have to connect the bare necessities (RAM, CPU/HSF, GPU, & PSU); this would eliminate the need to connect any fans for the time being. If this works, then get yourself a fan splitter cable; they're inexpensive.
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