I got bunch of old servers DELL, IBM 1Us most of them dual cpus. I was thinking hooking some of them up on my own home network but since they are INCREDIBLY loud I would mod them to be watercooled.

Did anyone do projects such as this?

The main issue is watercooling the power supply. I have axs to much more liquid cooling parts now but what I did a year ago was using a cheap kit:


+2 TT VGA blocks (because the pipe has to go out on the sides not on the blocks top.
Anyways these are old dual xeon servers so even a kit is overcooling the cpus.
My goal is to 100% eliminate the small crappy 4cm fans from the box. There are usually 2 of them in the psu.

What I did first and unfortunately killed the PSU was trying to force through a pipe around the internal components of it. It wasnt copper so didn't transfer the heat correctly. I think I short a circuit by forcing the pipe through it.

Some solutions came to my mind after this happend:
- oil cooling 1 U PSU
- using an external ATX supply with extended cable.

The problem with the second one that these servers seems to have special psus and theres not much documentations about it. I encounter with switched wiring on the connectors, different connector sockets etc.

So I welcome any suggestions. The goal is making 0 noise total fanless 1U servers.
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  1. bump, btw thermaltake sucks
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