Which 5870?

I ordered the xfx 5870 XXX edition off tigerdirect because newegg stopped offering it. Its been on backorder for almost a week.

I have never OCed, but I probably will in the future. I am also interested in Eyefinity (3 screens is plenty, 6 is overkill).

Do I wait and hope it comes in? or do I cancel and get one of these other cards? Does the xfx have eyefinity?

Gigabyte (stock clock, nonreference cooler, has eyefinity) $400

HIS Turbo (OC, nonref. cooler, has eyefinity, free COD: MW2) $416 AR

XFX (stock clock, nonref. cooler, free AVP, no voltage changability, no eyefinity?) $370
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  1. They are all the same other than cooling, factory overclocking and warranty.

    All 5870s have 3 screen eyefinity. There is a special version that handles 6, but none you linked are that one.

    The only difference I can see between the two XFX models is 25Hz of overclock. They even have the same cooler. Insubstantial difference.
  2. ok. i know the xfx has the best warranty, but i heard that you cant change the voltage on it. how much is this going to effect OCing when i get to it?

    also, which cools best?
  3. In my opinion, I'd just get the XFX regular version. The coolers may be different, but they're all basically the same. I haven't heard anything about not being able to ajust the voltages, and the only thing reported in the user reviews (not a great source of info, but that would have come up) said that they hadn't done it yet, so the OC results were low.

    I'd go with the XFX. Can't beat a low price from a high quality company, not to mention an amazing warranty.
  4. I dont know of any ATI 5000 series cards that let you change the voltage. I just use the Overdrive software that comes with the ATI drivers to get around a 5-10% overclock.
  5. That's what I do as well, but I get a little higher OC than that. I believe if you need more than that, you can change some settings outside of Overdrive to get more, but I haven't found it necessary yet.
  6. hm. I think I would go with the HIS over the xfx.

    looking at the numbers, the HIS is $46 more than the xfx, is OCed, and has MW2. (Im not very interested in AVP.)

    the xfx does have a better warranty, but I have a lot of questions about it. (voltage, eyefinity, etc.) Plus Ill probably get a new card around the time the 2 yr warranty expires on the HIS.

    so that leaves the choice: do I wait for the XFX 5870 XXX that I ordered to be stocked, or cancel it and get the HIS?
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  8. You were expecting us to answer that? Seriously?
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