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Hi guys, was planning on waiting for news about the silverstone raven 3 but havent been able to hear anything. I currently have a dragonlord k62 case. Keeps everything cool but lacks the oomph for me. Changed all fans to red and what not but still lacking for me. So, thinking of getting either raven 2, phantom, or HAF X. The thing is i saw a chart and saw that the fortress 2 beat the haf x by a few degrees. That said, wouldnt the cooling performance of raven 2 and fortress 2 be on par with one another? That being so, which would be recommended. Been debating with myself on this one. The phantom is a coming and going thought. So is the spedo, 600t, 840atcs. Why is choosing a case so hard? Thanks in advance guys!

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    Choosing a case is simple. All you need is a box with decent cooling for your stuff. You are the one complicating it. :)
  2. ^ :lol: I sure got a laugh out of that, but its very true. Only you know what you like in a case visually, and the features that you want, the worst part is finding one with those features at the price you can afford.

    Good luck on your hunt. :)
  3. hahaha, thanks guys. I totally agree with jsc though. Hahaha. Anyway, guess imma gonna get the X. XD
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