Only boots once, only after clearing CMOS

I am helping a buddy of mine upgrade his old computer, I bought him a new mobo, an MSI g31tm-p21.

It has an intel pentium d dual core processor, 1 stick of geil 2gb ddr2 667, a 550w ps, and a good hard drive.

When first installed all of the new components, the system booted up once and I couldn't get it to boot again. After going through all of the steps in the thread about no video/post, I realized that it will boot up only once and only after resetting the CMOS. I have tried changing my memory settings, boot sequences, etc. but to no avail. I can still only get one boot only after resetting the CMOS.

Please tell me someone here has some kind of experience with this problem? All of the threads I have used the search function for seem to be unanswered. If someone could direct me to a post like mine that was answered it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Two suggestions:
    1) Enter BIOS and load the "Fail Safe" or "Optimal" settings, save and exit.
    2) If that doesn't clear the problem, search for a BIOS update at the MSI website. If there is one, download it and flash the BIOS (updated BIOSes usually have code changes to add or improve hardware compatibilities and capabilities).
  2. Did you reinstall the operating system after changing the motherboard? If not then this is what I suggest that you do.
  3. I sent the original motherboard back and ordered a different brand, brand new motherboard.

    I have the same f-ing problem I did before, so I'm starting to think it may be the processor instead of the motherboard itself. Flashing the BIOS does nothing, the same problem occurs. What the *** could be wrong with it?
  4. After rereading this thread I realised what was wrong with your friend’s computer. You have a faulty power supply. I deduced this because you have changed the motherboard with the same results and it worked after you have cleared the CMOS memory. What is happening is that when you cleared the CMOS you disconnected the power supply AT THE MAINS for a few minutes this allowed the power supply to reset itself and so you could turn on the computer again. When a power supply is overloaded it turns itself off and the only way to reset it is to disconnect it from the mains for a while. A power supply can trip because it is under rated is faulty or because of an external short the most probable cause in this case is a faulty power supply, a faulty processor is very unlikely to cause this problem.
  5. I'm pretty sure with the earlier motherboard I tried my power supply with the same issue, and my power supply is certainly not faulty. I'll have to check again, though. I may not be remembering correctly.

    His power supply works with his current CPU/mobo which is some AMD processor and a stock compaq mobo. It has no problems running that.

    It was the front panel connector. I explained the symptoms to my father (my father programs boards for new power tools) and he said it sounded like the computer was 'stuck' in reset, as if the connection for the reset pins was always there. I removed the front panel connector and used a paper clip to turn the pc on (using the proper pins) and it works perfectly. I can turn the computer on with the paper clip and turn it off with via the OS and when I but it up I still have video!!!
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