Which monitors should I get?

I am trying to figure out which to buy. I will be getting 3 of them for an eyefinity gaming set up. My choice is between the Asus VH232H and Samsung EX2220X. I want to know which people on here would get and why? I can't decide. Price is about the same. Also, I know I need an adapter for the third monitor any suggestions on that would be helpful also. I'll be running this off a His Turbo HD 5870. Thanks in advance!!
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  1. get an ACER G245H
  2. Aver has horrible customer service from what I hear. Should I have a problem, I don't want to deal with that. But thanks for the suggestion.
  3. mmm or u can go with mine then :P samsung p2370ms it is very very good, 1920x1080 23'' and its a tv too!! lol
  4. Great idea! I'll just whip out my AMex black card and strap a few of those on the back of my Lambo ;)
  5. lol i wanted the x3 ones but there are too hard to find and like impossible in my country.. alsoo very very expensive
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