H67 Mobo Recommendation (i3-2100)

Hey people, first off, thanks in advance for the advice in response to this.

I'm a relatively intermediate system builder (two homebuilds completed, tons of IT experience otherwise), working on my third system.

I have an i3-2100 that I plan to use (got a great deal at Microcenter) and am looking for a good mobo to go with it. This is a "budget" build (aiming for 600 but that's not a hard cap). More details:

* I prefer newegg, but am also close to Microcenter and not far from Fry's. Don't mind the drive for good savings.
* I'd like the H67 chipset. In my primary machine, I use P67 for a i5-2500k, but since this is a more "budget" machine, I'd rather avoid getting a discrete graphics card and thus H67 is preferable.
* That said, I do plan to use this for light gaming. Nothing very intense or often, I use my main machine for the more intense gaming.
* I'll need to be able to use a dual-display setup (actually my plan is to use three monitors for two computers, switching the middle back and forth between two computers. In any case, this needs dual-display support.)
* The mobo has to be Micro ATX (or smaller) and I'd like 4 memory slots. I'm using a Micro-ATX size case, so there's that, and I want the option to upgrade the RAM in the future just by adding two sticks.

On Newegg, these requirements narrow down to about a dozen options. Any suggestions as to which direction I should go?

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  1. the Asrock H61M/U3S3 is a nice cheap "H61" board, IMO i think H61 and H67 are the same thing. but if you want H67, the biostar TH67 is a nice board @ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138296
  2. H61 doesn't support RAID, to my knowledge, and I plan to mirror the drives. I prefer hardware RAID to software RAID so that's a must.

    How does the Biostar compare to the ASUS boards? I've used ASUS in both my previous builds and am thrilled with their boards.
  3. i am also a ASUS user, but i thought you wanted a cheap and good board, usually ASUS meets the "good" part of my above comment, but the cheap is the "cost". IMO i think that ASUS do make good boards, but sell them with there "brandname" because i usually find that ASUS boards are always competing with the model up
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