Switching from IDE MODE, effects on a slave drive

Hey guys,

I just bought an Intel ssd (330 series 180gb sata3 SSDSC2CT180A3K5).

Up until now my mechanical drive was running WIN764bit under IDE MODE in the bios, now i want to install my OS on my new ssd and change the settings to AHCI but im worried about the effects it will have on my mechanical drive which will be the slave drive.

Do i have anything to worry about?

Also, Is there a reason to update the firmware?
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  1. Run this registry fix, then boot into bios and switch to AHCI before booting back to windows. Your other option is to switch to AHCI and reinstall windows 7.

  2. I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on the ssd anyway , i just need to know that my other data files on the mechanical drive (slave) will be alright.
  3. Yes, it will be fine as AHCI has nothing to do with the partition or format structure of the disk, only the way the motherboard and OS communicates with the drive.
  4. OK, Thanx
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