Laptop LCD changing to Pale colour.

My Compaq Presario 610 Laptop was serviced under warranty ,Which was dead on a lighting stroke.
They replaced both LCD and Motherboard.It took 52 days to return.
But My problem is while using the laptop its going to a pale state,something like high contrast or state which lacks power input.
Its happening only 3 or 4 times per hour. I have noticed it while both in AC and Battery power.
It is strange that it occurs while fan makes noise.
Is there any problem with overheating?

Also I am in Warranty period. Should I return this to the Service center to make an analysis.
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  1. Could be your power managment setting. Its possible its droping the backlight down when its not used for a bit. The fan may or may not be relevant. You should check your temps with something like CPU-Z (free download ) to be on the safe side.
    If in doubt or your just unsure about changing the settings then get on to customer support. If it didnt do it before then why should it now.

  2. According to SPEEDFAN

    Local temp: 42 C
    Core 0 and core 1: from 48C to 64C

    Now I am getting pale screen in most of the time.
    Should I stop using this one?

    I think such issues are always due to faulty display cable or faulty GPU.
    As per they informed ,Motherboard is new.

    When I got the laptop BIOS version was older than my original one.
    So I was unable to controll backlite
    After BIOS updation . Screen was look as I had earlier.

    Is HP-Compaq pack them a new MOTHERBOARD with old BIOS. Did they cheated me?
  3. I have almost foundout the problem.
    I have 15" compaq 610 with 14"-compaq510's MOBO inside.
    Compaq 510 is a thin model. So thats why I am feeling fan is lacking some throttle.
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