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okay so i just built a new computer here are the components:

Corsair TX750W psu
GIGABYTE 790FXTA-UD5 motherboard
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor
G.Skill 4gb DDR3 1333 Mhz RAM

using a 9600GT video card right now until my new card arrives but my build wont POST and it gives no beeps or anything.

here is what i've gathered so far:

without HDD, dvd drive, or RAM, it wont show anything, no boot.
without HDD, dvd drive, it will get to the motherboard splash screen, then give me a CMOS checksum error on POST
with HDD it will freeze on the motherboard splash screen.

does this mean i got a defective motherboard or what?
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  1. Your motherboard requires BIOS F3I or later to support that CPU. You most likely need to update the BIOS to get things working. You don't need HDD or ODD to get to the flash utility so leave them disconnected. Flash the BIOS using a USB thumb drive.
  2. i figured that much, but how would i be able to do that if i cant even enter the existing bios?

    i guess i cant do it if the problem is that it doesnt recognize the cpu.
  3. Well, if you don't have a spare or a friend with a CPU to borrow you could buy a cheap Sempron 140 for $30 to do the flash.

    A better idea might be to take the motherboard into a PC repair shop and have them install and flash the BIOS and while they're at it make sure the motherboard is OK. That will cost you $$$ too though.

    I hate to suggest spending money when we're not exactly sure what the problem is. Have you tried contacting Gigabyte's tech support and inquired if the Phenom X6 will work with your motherboard out of the box with the BIOS you have? There should be a sticker on the BIOS chip that says what BIOS version shipped with the board.
  4. yeah, checked my other pc and its AM2 so thats a no go, bios chips dont have stickers but its a rev 1.0 board so one would assume its the F1 bios, which sucks even more for me because even once i do update, the whole dual bios part of the motherboard is useless for me because i cant update the second bios to a version i can even use. hopefully i can get a cheap AM3 socket cpu somewhere here in ottawa =/
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