8600gt or 4350?

Hey guys, its my first time asking on this website, i was wondering; i have to make a choice out of two graphics cards at the minute. I can either upgrade from my 6600 to a 8600gt or a 4350?

I've googled for ages, and some have said the 8600, some have said the 4350 so i've decided to ask myself.

I'm not an intense gamer, i only play Counter Strike: Source, Garry's Mod and the newly released game: Alien swarm.

Any type of answer will be appreciated.

Thanks, Andy.
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  1. easily the 8600GT, the 4350 was never designed for gaming. the 8600GT is an older entry level gaming card.
  2. BTW, isn't Alien Swarm amazing for a free game???

    But yeah, the 8600GT, is there any reason you can only get the 8600GT or the 4350?
  3. okay thanks for the advice guys, 8600 it is.

    @Helltech It's love at first play, hehe.

    I've just heard from different websites that there are good sides to both cards, but im going to stick with the 8600GT.
  4. Why not opt for a new gen card like the 5670.? You might not be a did hard gamer but features like direct-x 11 might come in handy sometime.. Also they have a lower power draw even compared to the 8600GT i guess..
  5. better go for an hd 4650\4670 these two cards can be good for you...cheaper too....
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