$800-$1000 Wide open gaming build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within the next month

BUDGET RANGE: (800-1000) After Rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg, I live very close to micro center


PARTS PREFERENCES: From what i have read it looks like GTX 460 is a good fit, but i could be wrong.

OVERCLOCKING: Yes (this would be my first time though)

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: would like to be able to sli in the future.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: no monitor yet, this is part of the build

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: open to anything. Want to play SC2 as fast as possible. Currently running SC2 on a 2004 laptop, it does not work very well (ati mobility radion 9700, amd athlon 3000+). also want to be able to play diablo 3, l4d2. help me out!
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  1. edit: just remembered that the board i chose isn't for sli unless you try that SLI hack
  2. i5-760 160$ at microcenter
    Ga-P55a-ud3 130$
    G.skil eco series 1600 102$
    Corsair 650 70$
    Samsung F3 1TB 75$
    Antec 300 illusion 60$
    Generic litescribe sata DVD burner 20$
    GTX 460 210$

    That leaves 173 for a monitor?
  3. is a CPU cooler necessary for some minor overclocking with ether the i5 or x3? Also for gaming is the i5-760 or x3 445 a stronger choice? And which has the better gaming potential after overclocking?
  4. Depends, but probably. A hyper 212+ for 25$ or less (google products) would work.

    i5 by a fair margin.
  5. Best answer
    Tower $844AR

    23" LCD $165
    $1009AR Grand Total

    I too recommended Nvidia 1st week SC2 out for peeps insisting on AA but not after updated ATI drivers ^^
    Starcraft 2 Multiplayer GPU Performance Analysis
  6. Thank you guys for the builds. I know id be happy with all of them. The one thing that i though i figured out was the 460... but that report recommends otherwise. I have not had the best experience with my ati mobility 9700 (no driver support) , but i guess it has been 6 yeas.

    batuchka- does that memory support the BEMP feature the processor software now has? i am new to overclocking and anything that is going to help me along is important. Also, when reading the best cpu for the money article it mentions that the 956 may have more potential. is it worth the upgrade?

    Also, would the performance increase be worth the extra cash for a i7 cpu and mobo? if its only $100 diffrence, i can spend a little more.
  7. No worries RAM is compatible with chip - nah both chips are Black Editions with unlocked multiplier and i would always pick the 955BE over the 965BE hehe
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