PC completely freezing up

so, my PC is, seemingly randomly, freezing up. It will stop whatever it is doing, not react to any input anymore, and all I can do is hard-restart it. This has been happening for a while, then one time, it completely crashed during such a freeze, and wouldn't turn on anymore. I sent it in, they replaced the mainboard, but now it starts happening again. I reformated the hard drive, reinstalled the OS, etc. after they repaired it, too

I already tried testing the RAM with memtest86, no error reports there. I can hardly send it in again, since I don't even know what's wrong, and since they might not be able to reproduce the error.

Does anyone have any idea as to why that could be happening? I post this in this category since I think it's the most likely, but I really have no idea.
The PC is a nearly 2-year-old laptop, and, if you think that's required, I'll post more detailed specs, but I'm really just looking for an idea.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It really could be the motherboard again - it does happen. Do send it in again - laptops are much more difficult for a DIY person to work on.
  2. Not that I'm a DIY person anyways - thing is, I'm also dependent on the laptop for my job, and it was annoying (and boring) enough to not have it the last two weeks. If I send it in, they're gonna be all "The heck, it still turns on, and it didn't freeze up when we were testing it, so f*** you" and just send it back again, so I hoped to narrow doesn the problem first.

    It seems to only happen while the PC is somewhat busy, too. Once, I had a lot of stuff open, and a high memory usage and whatnot; the last time, I was watching a movie while downloading a really large file, so a memory problem does come to mind first.
  3. Is it running Creative sound drivers/software? These can cause hard freezes on many laptops (and desktops for that matter). Try uninstalling any and all Creative and/or Audigy HD software - you do NOT need these to have sound on your laptop.
    Some people have also found that disabling the "Bass Boost" option on Creative drivers fix their freezing issues. Creative probably have the worst record in regard to dodgy drivers in PC history.
  4. No, the suggested driver by the manufacteurer was a Realtek one, but since the sound quality actually gets worse when I installed that one, I uninstalled it again and am using the default one now, I guess.
    I don't think it's a sound driver error anyways, or any driver error for that matter - it started happening one year after I last installed the OS and drivers, so it has to be something else, I'd think. And I think the last nanosecond of sound looping isn't a sound related thing, but just happening because of the freeze - but thanks for the suggestion.
    Any other ideas?
  5. Check the temps when it's under load, it might be getting too hot.
  6. Yep, thought that too, but I also don't really know how to do that. Is there some program that just writes a log about all the temperatures, so I could easily check the heat at the time of freeze?
  7. I can't edit my post, so:
    For specs, it's an un-modified Asus N70SV-TY043C - google that, when I do, I only get pages in my language you might not understand.
  8. it could be your Hard disk drive is defective.. try to check out... hope it works..
  9. I ran a CHKDSK on both my harddrives, both times no error reports.

    It's interesting what different responses I get for that problem - so far, it can practically be anything.
  10. I think there is a program called RealTemp that you can use to monitor the temps, you may want to try that.
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