WHich build should i get? which is better? 500 budget gaming PC

which build should i get i have a 500 budget here are the two build

Build 1 http://img836.imageshack.us/f/14537936.png/

Build 2 http://img828.imageshack.us/f/76956005.png/

which is better for gaming and multitasking and what will get me more FPS in gaming?
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  1. I would guess that the 2nd build would get better gaming results. the GTX 460 is a huge step up from a 5770.
  2. The pictures are small so I couldnt read much. I cant tell which CPU and motherboard you have in each.

    The first one has OCZ RAM, which I am not happy with.

    The second one has a 460, which is a great GPU and better RAM.
  3. well you can zoom the picture by clicking on it... but the build with gtx 460 it has a crapppy mobo so is that reliable9
  4. I would pick option 2, but swap out the mobo/cpu combo, for $25 extra, for the AS Rock version of the 770. Its $59 for the DDR3 model, same as the Biostar, but much more reliable, but its not a combo.
  5. unforunately it gets out of my budget... but is gtx 768mb better then 5770 on a 1080p monitor
  6. yes, GTX 460 768 is better than 5770 1gb at all resolutions. Up to 1900x1080 is paces its 1GB big brother, only 2-5 fps behind. at higher resolutions, it does finally fall down
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