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I built a system about six months ago and it has worked reletively fine since then. Today I went to turn my computer on and it started for about one second then instantly stopped booting and now it acts like it is not getting any power at all. Te surge protector it is hooked to works, Iswitched the power supply cable and the cable should be fine. I hit the power button, however, and absolutely nothing happens. Could my power supply have gone bad suddenly? I've only had it 7 months and its a good brand. (Corsair Hx 850 watt). Any thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Same thing is happening to me but my system is older than that, I've also got less wattage (500), not sure why its happening exactly.
  2. yeah it sucks, maybe i'll try switching the power supply ouy of my brothers computer into mine and seeing if it works
  3. You have to test it up, because hard to say what's wrong by not seeing the Corsair itself.

    If you can't manage to get to work it you must have a warranty. If you have a great dealer for this you will get a really fast solution form them, at least corsairs at my town have the best customer support ;)
  4. Haha yeah just steal his.
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