New build, how do i ensure everything is running as it should?

new build running like i think it should but being my first time i am so nervous about something in the backround thats not right. i get the one beep on statrt up which i know is normal for vga detection.

also during the build i put the pwr and reset pins on wrong would that cuz any dmg? its corrected now and works but i am worried that i may of done harm.

am i being way to paranoide?

alot of money on this build i just want to make sure its all good.

no errors to speak of yet.

day 2 btw.
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  1. Being a bit paranoid. The power and the reset button pins being switched wont hurt anything, they are both momentary push buttons it would just be a bit confusing for you if you had left them switched but they wouldnt have hurt anything.

    If everything is running properly and you arent getting any errors and you get good performance in the games or applications you use dont worry about it! You only need to worry if you start getting unexplained errors.
  2. Don't worry about it, like hunter said. The only thing different that I like to do with most new builds, is run memtest, then Prime95 for a few hours and watch temperatures/ stability. I've had bad memory sticks before that appeared to work fine most of the time... and things like that.
  3. If you don't get freezing, blue screen, error messages, random shutdown, smoke, etc.
    If you don't smell or hear any strange things. :D
    Don't worry everything is running perfectly.
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