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Hey guys, so here it is:

I have 2 drives. One is a OCZ Agility 4 128GB SSD (OS, it is in port 1) and the other one is a Western Digital Black Caviar 1TB HDD(all other documents and stuff, it is in port 2 ). So, both show up in the BIOS ( the WD HDD wasnt showing in EZ mode, but I was able to find it in the advanced mode ) but I cant use the HDD as a drive in Windows, and by that I mean: it has been formated ( even though it is a new drive ) and partitioned, it does show up in Disk Management but i doesnt show up in Computer/Disk Drives. I really need it to work since the SSD is just an OS drive. Am I missing out in something really stupid here ?

I have seen some other people have hard drives/SSD's issues with thi MOBO.

My Hardware
i7 3770k
Asus Sabertooth Z77
Asus GTX 680
16GB Corsair Vengeance
x1 OCZ Agility 4 (128GB)
x1 Western Digital Black Cavira (1TB)
Corsair AX850
Asus Optical Drive
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  1. In Disk Management did you try assigning a drive letter to that "missing" drive?
    Right-click it's ribbon in bottom-right panel and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths".
    Click "Add"
    Choose a letter.
    Click 'OK'.
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