Moving Windows 8 to SSD without install media?

So I installed $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade on my Hp Dv6t laptop. Now I just bought an OCZ Vertex 4 128gb (50% sale) and installed it alongside my current 500gb HDD in an optical drive caddy.

I want to move Windows 8 to the SSD, along with some programs. I want to clean install it to avoid alignment issues etc with cloning, but I don't know how I would go about doing this since I don't have the ISO or Windows 8 disk (or optical drive for that matter).

Somehow Microsoft has no record of my purchase (it took 30min on the phone just to get the product key email that I never received). I attempted to use the setup.exe file to download the ISO but it said my product key did not work). Am I missing something? Is there a way to clean install Windows 8 to the SSD in my situation?

I am new to SSDs. How should I go about doing this? Use a clone program? Would cloning to the SSD and then reinstalling Windows from there fix any cloning issues?

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  1. anyone?
  2. Try using Clonezilla. It's a live CD. It's what I used to upgrade to my TB HDD from my existing 300GB HDD. As for specifics, I cannot help with that.
  3. btw am also looking answer for same question like to how move win 8 to the SSD, i guess no help available on google am still searching..
    were you manage to do that?

    you can get windows 8 key by installing belarc advisor tool.
  4. Do you not have the purchase receipt of the Win8 Pro Upgrade? If you do then the code is in that email.
  5. Use imaging software (e.g. Acronis True Image). Very fast and very simple. Choose whole disk/partition but not sector by sector, and make sure the SSD size has plenty room to spare. Restoring the image normally takes 5-20mins.
  6. If you have the upgrade media you should have the option to install the new copy of windows onto a different drive (i.e. the SSD) than the original install. The install process will check for _an_ install of Windows on the PC but it shouldn't insist on updating that installation of Windows.
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