Upgrade to SSD ?

here are my specs

biostar TP67XE Ver. 5.0 with I3 processor and 8gb of RAM i think its 1333

also a Nvidia geforce 8800gts video card 650mb

I have three hard drives installed. I think they are all 5400RPM to 7200RPM

I have C drive on 240gig hard drive Windows 7 ultimate installed and dual with Ubuntu on one drive

and I have the other two drives setup as RAID 0 with some apps and lots of games installed.

I want to speed up this pc as i know i can get more out of it. I want windows 7 to boot faster and apps to load fast as well.

what i had in mind was starting all over with my windows 7 build.

I want to do a mirrored setup i guess that would be RAID 1 + 0 with two SSD drives maybe 180gb or 120 gb.

I dont plan on putting back all the games i have installed on it just to utlize Windows 7 with apps that use a lot.

what SSD should i go with wihout breaking the bank

Also I want to upgrade my Video card, it is slitghtly outdated I think comapred to a 1tb card for like $80 or should i just stick with the same Video card 8800gts?

just want some fellow insight to this. Thanks
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  1. budget range?
  2. Get 1 SSD - There really is only a very little speed increase for SSD raid on an OS disk. Get 1 SSD for the OS drive, and spend the saved money on a good video card.
  3. what can u recommed for a budget. I dont want to speend $300 or more for a video card. I prefer Nvidia and EVga.
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