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I5 760 , Afraid of Cooling Problem!

hi guys , i decided to buy i5 760 with Great RIG ( all hardwares compatible ) but i worry about something . i have normal Size Case & my friend says that i should pay more & get a CPU Cooler ( Big Ones that require big CAses ! ) & he said that if u dont do that ur i5 760 wont work more than a Crap Dual Core , because it will overheat :

Now my questions are these :

1.Will i have problem with natrual Fan of i5 760 ?

2.if yes , then , can i get those CPU coolers that arnt BIG ( Blue & purple lights comes out from it & they are Famous in OCing works ) & can easily fit in my Case ?

3. should i get those BIg coolers ? & if i dont My CPU will SLOW DOWN a LOT ?

4. what if i just put a Simple Home Fan ( coolers ) infront of case ? its what almost any person have & i dont have to pay more for new RIG .

Thanks a lot !
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  1. If your case has decent air flow and your not overclocking, then the stock fan should work fine.
  2. Hello Viper98, I'll try to answer your questions for you as best as possible.

    1. If you are not going to OC you i5-760 then the stock cooler will be Ok, but you may want to wait until you get it installed and play a game or whatever intensive stuff you do on your PC and see what the temps are and work from there. Your CPU will not overheat or perform slower as Intel wouldnt sell it as they do.

    If you decide your temps are getting to high(I would say 70c is ABSOLUTE MAX you want to see, lower the better) you may first want to use differnet thermal paste on it as this can help lower the temps without spending alot. Here is a good list and any of the top performers will do just fine.

    2. If you do want decide you want even lower temps then you can look for a nice CPU cooler, most even the large ones will fit in a Mid-Tower case. One that I would HIGHLY recommend is the Coolermaster Hyper 212+, its not expensive and performs very well.

    3. You can get as big a cooler as you would like with the exception of a few that will be too large and the amount of money you are willing to spend. If there is a particular model you like, they all give thier dimensions in mm just compare that size with the withd of your PC case, or most likely someone will have already written a review of the cooler in a similar sized case and you can use that for a refernce.

    NO! your CPU will not slow down, unless there is something wrong will the CPU itself or how it was installed, it will not get hot enough to cause ANY problems.

    4. If you are talking about using a house fan, that is your choice if you do not want to spend any extra money and dont mind having a fan blowing on your PC all the time, but it will not be as effective as using the proper solutions of lowering the temprature of your PC I listed above and will most likely be unnecessary if you have a well ventilated case and a properly installed CPU cooler.
  3. Tcheaf73 thanks lot for ur answers , but i still have few Questions :

    I am not OCing , not using over 1440 rez & have no plan on doing Crossfire or SLI
    just wanna get ATI 5850 on it with High Enough PSU !

    According to my needs :

    1.will i need to pay Extra Money for Cooling or lstock fan will do its job ?
    2.CPU Heating would Slow down whole Computer ( Specialy Games ? ) it that big thing that i should worry about ?( i dont wanna get high END system & play Games as Lagy as they were ) big is this Coolermaster Hyper 212+ that ur talking about( will it fit in my CASE ) ?

    i will keep my Room AS COOL as Possible .
    But i realy dont wanna have to Pay for NEw CASE & Cooler .

    I dont care how much they Heating , if games wont get hurt then i am satisfy
  4. SO if i dont OC i will be fine , what if my Case Airflow wont be that Good ? i mean i can make Area around Cool ,Will i be 100% fine i i do this Things

    1.No OC
    2.Make my Room As COOL as Possible
    3.put natrual Fan infront of Case
    4.Use high enough PSU
    5.use Only Stock fan
    6.Open my Case Cover

    what elese can i do to not pay for Cooler & get 100% Good performance from CPU & whole pc ?

    Remeber i am NOT OCing , CF , SLI , High REZ .
  5. Honestly the processor comes with a 3 year warranty when used at default settings with the stock fan, no need to worry about it. A fan in front wont help, intake on the case is what it is, you can't force feed the air in there. You can drop temps a little by removing the case door/cover, but then dust might be a problem. The cool room thing isn't a bad idea, but only to make you comfortable, I'm confident the computer will survive.
  6. Will Survive ? oh i want it to be Great , i mean i dont wanna get i5 760 & play game as i have Pentium 2 CPU ! I realy wanna get what Real i5 760 offers .
  7. Yes or no ? will i get What i want ?
  8. Cpu slow down and ultimately shut down wont occur until somewhere around 100c. I don't see that happening unless you overclock or the fan is installed improperly.
  9. Hey Viper98,

    ct1615 pretty much answered you question for you pretty well.

    1. No you do not need a different cooler the stock one will do. It is a personal preference as ct1615 said, It will run a little hotter that an aftermarket cooler and may be a bit louder also.
    2. You should never get to the point of your CPU slowing or shutting down, if you do their is most likly problem with the hardware from the manufacture which you couldnt avoid no matter how well you cooling was.
    3. No there is no need to worry about it, your games will not lag nor will your CPU slow down.
    4.Yes it most likely would fit your case, the CM 212+ is: 120 x 79.7 x 158.5 mm (L x W x H) and many people use them in mid-tower cases which is the standard PC size. If you want me to look into it further let me know what case you are going to get.

    Helpfull Hint: Route the cables in your case neatly and out of the way so they will not impeed airflow through the case and use wire-ties to bundle them together and keep you case and more importanly fans and intakes clean of dust.

    As for your second set of questions:
    1. Your temps should be all OK if you are not doing a OC.
    2. You probably will not have to make any effort to cool your room unless you really want to, but its not nessesary.
    3. A fan on your PC is really choice also, not nessesary though.
    4. Yes it is improtant that your PSU can provide enough power to your PC
    5. Stock fan will do fine, they are designed to handelthe heat the CPU creates and Ite would not sell them if it did not cool the CPU properly.
    6.Opening your case cover may help lower your temps slightly 1c-4c, but this like 1&2 are not nessesary and will allow in dust.

    Really, I mean no offence to you but you are worrying too much about a problem that really isnt there to begin with. I understand you may have gotten some bad inforamtion from a friend, but CPU's and PC's are designed well enough to be able to handel the tempratures they create, and they would not be sold for very long if they were not.
  10. Hey Viper,

    I thought I would also tell you about this program, Core Temp , alot of PC enthusiasts use this to monitor the temprature of their CPU, I consider this one the best but there are many others out there that will do the same job also. This way when you do get your PC up and running you can keep a close eye on the temps and make sure they are where you want them to be.
  11. The stock fan works in a Dell. That should say it all. Teeny weeny cases w/ small overworked PSU's and no CPU's blowing up.

    Simply put.....

    -Not overclocking ... stock setup fine
    -Overclocking components for up to 50% speed improvement.....get something better, don't get that kinda boost for free.
  12. Thanks A LOT TC 73 . i realy liked ur answer s , i wish i could ask much more about other things , but i cant ( Limitations ) .
  13. Your friend doesn't know what he's talking about.
  14. Nice point dipankar2007ind, ambient temp(weather temp) is quite important to consider, +1 to you.

    And your are so very right ambient temp(weather temp) had never crossed my mind. Its now fall where I live and quite cool outside and my ambient is constantly ~22C, I forget that people come to Tom's from all around the world for advice. I will now try to conciously remember that.
  15. Wather is So Cold in Winter Days & its Hot in summers ( but i keep it cool )
    my case is under my PC Desk , i may get it out from under of the DESK to make it breath more easily ! I Close my Door , room is about 22C .
    I Tought Stock fan would Make it cool enough if i dont OC it , but it seem that some of u say it may even reach to 100 C .

    Oh man i realy worry about it , Geting new rig ( expensive ) & Put it in the Risk of Burning in Heat or see it Works so SLOW !

    How can i send the PIC of my Room & case size & place .... ? Please tell me
  16. Help me Send my PIC to u Help me to Fix my Problem ! ;)" class="img lazy">

    They might work , i gave them a URL :D

    Uploaded with
  17. DID it Couse Slow down ? or Heat has nothing to do with performance of GAMES ?
  18. Here is some Results from my Current CPU temp :

    Value Core 0 = 36-39 C
    Value of Core 1 = 35 C
    VGA is always on 44 - 45
    Rest of numbers are about 20-30

    I ran nothing ! its natrual Temp , i just opened THE PRogram & send the results in same time . no Games runing in background , is IT NORMAL ?
  19. Ok should i change the CASE place ?
    can u guess how much i get in Games ?
    SO ur Saying that they are normal no ?
    have u seent eh PICs i uploaded , what do u think about the SIZe of Case ?
  20. Iget something about 40-45 in Games like COD 7
  21. Ok based on ur Last Post i can get i5 760 ( with Stock fan )& ATI 5850 & pay no money for Cooler or New Case & see them working Well in normal temp
    is it RIGHT ? Will ATI 5850 Fit in case
  22. Best answer
    Hey Viper98,

    ct1615 is right, like I have been saying your case, the stock i5 cooler, your temps, room temp are all PERFECT and you will not have ANY heat problems. You do not need to take any special measures to keep your temps down, just make sure there is space enough around your case for the air to circulate as ct1615 said.

    Your CPU will probably NEVER hit anything over 70c and that temp is ok for your CPU, what was saying is that the i5 can go up to 100c if some kind of a very rare problem occurs like the cooler fan fails and the CPU itself will THEN throttle(slow) and shutdown to protect itself.

    Just to be clear everything is OK, you have nothing to worry about, smile :) , be happy, and enjoy your new PC when you get her put together.
  23. Thanks a lot MY FRIEND , ct1615 u helped me too ! thanks a lot for all answers
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