First Gaming PC - Are these good?

I'm gonna get a gaming PC and I'd prefer to buy Pre-Built because I literally have no idea how to put one together with individual parts.

So, would these be good choices? If not, could you point me in the right direction?

iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 970SLC Desktop PC

SYX Crossfire X58 Gamer

PS. I have a set of parts picked out from Newegg, but I do really want to buy prebuilt. If I must, I'll build my own.

I want to play all the Blizzard stuff, Civ 5 and Valve's stuff in particular, but I would prefer to have one that can run anything pretty competently.
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    Do not go with iBuyPower!!!!!! - BE INFORMED


    I thought it would be easier than building one myself because i didn't quite have the time to build one myself at the time - so i built a 3k pc on their and they delivered it and it suffered 3 RMAs with no promise of full functionality in sight so i sent it back and said F*** it and built it myself - they skimp where they can and didnt include things that were supposed to come with the pc - it was a terrible experience

    heres the thing I DID MY RESEARCH FIRST!!!!! and comcluded that it might have been a bad idea to go with them once id read so many horror storries - but i passed them on as a minority and that maybe i wouldnt have as much of a problem.... im ashamed i broke my own rule (never let someone else build my computers)

    i built it myself - a faster computer with better quality components for the same price

    i built it with my own quality assurance, something they skimp heavily on... sorry to carry on it was a horrible experience - and then they took about a month to refund all my money - and it was after realizing that i could save a lil money and drive it back to their warehouse (i live close enough to them in cali)

    my 2 cents....

    again sory to rant...

    not sure about syx, but i think thats tiger direct brand... still wouldnt do it - theres nothing like building a powerful beast with your own 2 hands - its a good learning experience each time

    if you absolutely must buy a prebuilt - consider digital storm - as ive heard nothing but good info about them as opposed to others (and they are an A+ on Better Business Bureau)
  2. there are plenty of places to answer any questions you have about building/ sequence - what to do next on here and many other forums - as well there are millions of youtube videos

    stuff like this helps:

    like i said - if its a must, research the company on BBB and their feedback from various places before feeling comfortable buying pre-built
  3. Quote:

    That looks fine except you don't have a CPU listed. Just make sure the CPU you choose fits the slot on your mobo. With that mobo you're looking at intel CPU's, if it says LGA1156 you're good to go.

    I would recommend a full tower case for future upgrades.

    5850 is plenty of GPU power for today's games, but I don't know how future proof it is.

    There are forums all over the place that can help with putting the pieces together once you get them. This one here on tom's can even help in choosing which pieces to get.
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