Boot drive from a sata III controller card?


I ordered a Vertex 4 128 GB SSD for the boot drive of my computer build, but suddenly had a "duh" moment. For those who have been following the other thread, you know that my friend gave me a LGA 1366 board and a I7 950 CPU...which we figured is ample for what I need.

Here is the "duh" moment. All of the sata ports are Sata II. This means bottlenecking at the port for the SSD. In fact, I am going to lose about half of the performance gain I am getting over HD.

Hardware is not my forte. Is it possible to set up your boot drive and operating system from a marvel card through PCI-e ? If so, is it advisable/stable?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Stick with the Sata 2. You really won't see much of a difference between Sata 2 and sata 3.,3110-7.html
  2. Isn't that data a bit outdated? The 4th generation ssd's like the Vertex 4 and 840 pro have significantly faster performance than there last generation cousins...this chart seems to be saying that without a sata 3 port, the ssd drive I am getting is going to be even slower than its own earlier model..
  3. We, apparently I HAVE seen a substantial difference. I also learned never to plug an ssd into a Gsata first, I had 128k read/write....then I realized what I had done, so I switched it, and it doubled to about 260...still WAY below the SSD's limits.
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