Low VCORE warning in BIOS

I have E7400, Asus P5N-MX and Cooler Master 500 extreme plus.

Firstly, my pc failed to POST. After a lot of plugin in and out hardware (HDs, rams, etc) . It finally booted up.

But then I got warning in BIOS that "Check H/W monitor. Temperature, Vcore abnormal".

I looked into bios to find out that VCORE is "0.9" and it is in red.

I want to know is it my motherboard or PSU dieing? Or maybe processor?

Please help.
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  1. Check in BIOS what Vcore is set to, one of the settings may have gone screwy if it is set low there fix that and you should be good.

    If not, if your bios can tell you what the voltage reading on the 12V rail is post that here, if the voltage drops too low then the VRMs near the CPU have to work harder to get their job done.
  2. I checked 12v reading it was in normal range (12.1v).

    I loaded default settings in BIOS. Vcore reading became normal (1.2)

    But now it "reboots" after few seconds when still in BIOS.
  3. Is there any updates for your Bios?? If it reboots maybe your V-Core is too low? try bumping 1x and save Bios and reboot and see if it happens
  4. Unfortunately, it is not a high end board so it does not have any option of changing VCORE. And there are not any bios updates.

    And VCORE right now is back to normal. But it keeps rebooting even when in BIOS..
  5. Hmm, what is your Bios options then? Anything about cpu voltage?
  6. Nah, nothing about the cpu voltage.
  7. Hmm, so you don't have the option of v core nor cpu voltage, which is the same -
    Nor bios upgrade
    what do you have on the bios ?
  8. Seem's like your SOL then? I'm not sure on that one bud.
  9. Could it be PSU?
  10. Buy a tester or try another PSU and see if you have the same problem. I can't really say for sure, but that would be your best bet.
  11. try with another psu-
  12. Do you have some power saving options enabled in your BIOS like EIST, C1E?
  13. Now, it does not even boots!.. and I tried another working PSU..no luck!
  14. Remove the CMOS battery on the mobo and put it back to clear the CMOS.
  15. ^Did that. Nothing happened.
  16. Probably the board is crapping out. Sorry man, maybe try another board with the same socket to test your cpu, but i'm thinking it's your board.
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