Why would Core i7 specify memory speed?

Can anyone tell me why the Core i7 specify memory speed? (1333 in case of Lynnfield). I thought it's supposed to do away with FSB.

So my second question which is related to the above: If I use DDR3-2000, should/must I overclock the CPU as well to make it 'synchronized'?
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  1. It has a built in memory controller so in order to increase the memory speed you must increase the clock speed of the memory controller on the CPU. In order to use something like DDR3 2000 you definitely need to OC the CPU.
  2. Can I actually buy a DDR3 2000 and run it on 1333? Would this tighten the timing such that it performs almost as fast?
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    You could, but DDR3 2000 is pretty expensive, i would suggest just starting with a CL7 DDR3 1600MHz kit and tightening the timings from there, it wont give you quite as good timings as a 2000MHz kit would but they will still be plenty tight enough that memory isnt a limiting factor and it will be cheaper.
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