Problem with Norton Ghost key with new Samsung 840 SSD

I bought a new Samsung 840 SSD it was advertised to come with a key for Norton Ghost to clone my drive. 'The key was a no go I spent some time looking around forums looking for an answer and found nothing. I contacted Norton again no help. Then I went to Samsung and registered the drive which I wasn't going to do. I wat to just clone the drive with Norton and go my merry way. After registering my drive I went to MY Acct at Samsung it showed my drive and software I could download for it. I downloaded the data migration software. I followed the prompts and quickly cloned my drive. I removed the original hdd and restarted my compter with the SSD as the only drive and it took off with out a hitch. I am happy with the drive. Don't even think about the Norton Ghost that is a deadend. Just register with Samsung and download the data migration software that is all there is to it.
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  1. Fantasick help. I did just what you said and was able to download the migration tool!!!

    (I never post in these forms but I was so thankful that I had to day somethng.)
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