Visiontek Radeon X1300 256MB PCI

so when i stick it in my computer, nothing shows up. but then when i stick the vga cable back into the integrated port (ati xpress 200) while the pci card is in the bios and windows xp work fine. so i installed the drivers for the card, restarted, still the same problem. the bios and windows dont utilize the x1300 pci only the integrated xpress 200. so i set in the bios as the main adapter to be pci and in windows tried to set the x1300 to be the default one but then when i move the cga cable to the radeon x1300 again still nothing. i know the card works i just had it in my other compter. so how do i make the bios and windows xp show up utilizing the pci one? thanks!
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  1. I know you set in bios you put the main adapter to be PCI, but is there a way to disable the onboard video as well?
  2. hmmm...i checked. nope. its wonderful having a kvm switch. 4 comps at once!!! there isnt...
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