Good SSD with WD type warranty

I have been using OCZ SSDs for my customers and love the performance.. But hate the RMA procedure. It seems like when an OCZ drive starts failing I have to dance and wait. Meanwhile, I have already purchased a new drive and sent the customer down the road.

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  1. Intel has a great warranty and the drives are extremely reliable. But it comes at a price.
  2. ^As do Samsung.
  3. ^ And Crucial. Samsung and Crucial being the two best of current generation drives in my opinion. Very low failure rates.

    You may find this interesting.
  4. Interesting article. Does anyone have firsthand on samsung and crucial warannty?
    About that agility 3 240...
  5. I know the thread is very old..
    But for a data point, we have been using Samsung drives since late 2012 and have had zero failures.
    Over 500 drives!
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