Okay so I got this new SSD and i installed Windows 7 and made it my primary Boot device. Now i can't use anything from my previous HDD, is it because i deleted windows 7 from that? Im really confused :( And All my games on my HDD won't start. I installed the Direct X drivers etc. Will i have to redownload everything? I
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  1. You have to reinstall your programs and games when you do a clean installation of Windows. It wouldn't matter if you had left the old Windows install on the HDD, you still would have had to reinstall.

    The exception to that is STEAM games, you do not have to re-download those if your STEAM folder is on the HDD. You would just need to load the STEAM installer and direct the installer to the games on the HDD, this page discusses that indirectly:
  2. Thanks dude :)
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