Very weird graphic card problem with motherboard

I am facing very unique problem with my graphic card..I had 8400gs day it stopped working, no display at all. I took out the card and plugged into another pc and it was working there..i tried it another system it was working there too.

I then assumed then it must be the problem with my motherboard (Asus P5N-MX), but later on I tried another brand new GPU in my motherboard and it was working perfectly..

So in short, a gpu is not working in motherboard (lets call it X) but it is working in OTHER Mobos..BUT other cards are working in motherboard X

I hope it is clear enough..

Am wondering who is the culprit here?

Is it safe to install brand new graphic card in my motherboard?
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  1. anyone?
  2. will i dont know the problem is not in your graphics card because its working in another mobo and its not in your board because another vga is working too maybe there is something wrong went with the bios or the drivers and its ofcourse safe to install a new card but i do recommend to take your pc to shop who repairs and let him check your motherboard for any problem
    good luck.
  3. what is the other gpu that is working in your mobo?
  4. Did you try uninstalling all the drivers and then reinstalling the GPU? You could be having driver issues.
  5. ignore this post
  6. Have you tried changing the power supply unit of affected PC?
    It might be starting to be unable to power the 8400.
    Try changing to another PSU to see if it works
  7. @deweycd: the card just doesn'nt does not shows any how could it be driver issue? I tried resetting bios, no luck

    @raiyus13: The other card which worked on my motherboard was 8400gs too but it was brand new.

    @yippy: I tried using another power supply but no luck.
  8. +1 deweycd

    May be bios or driver problem
  9. really very weird :heink:
  10. try to flash your motherboard bios, that may help...

    and try installing new bios updates...
  11. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    +1 deweycd

    May be bios or driver problem

    I have reseted the bios many times. It did not show any effect at all. And drivers are freshly installed.

    @raiyus13: BIOS is latest. Should i re-flash it?
  12. by any chance your cmos battery is dying?
  13. I know there was a problem with some HP laptops and nvidia graphics chips. Basically I think the graphics chips would overheat and cause the motherboards to fail, because of the onboard chips. Wonder if that graphics problem carried over to the desktop cards?
  14. Try to reinstall the driver..... i had similar issue before, and it was ok after installing the new driver.
  15. @map01ch: how would reinstalling drivers would make effect when the card is not performing POST?
  16. try to clean the copper contacts on your 8400gs with a clean rubber, and see if it works....

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