P8P67 Deluxe w/ i7-2600k Non-OC Core Temps

I just updated the BIOS on my P8P67 Deluxe and now on boot up I'm getting high CPU temperature warnings. It's possible the temp of the CPU was always this high... to be honest I didn't look at it prior to the BIOS update... but only now am I seeing the warnings.

I built the system from scratch in January, with a retail boxed i7-2600k so I only have the original Intel Fan cooling the CPU. I'm also using the HAF-922M case with 110CFM , 200mm fans on the top, front, and side and a 120mm fan on the back.

But the odd thing is that while the BIOS is reporting idle temps of about 88C and thus tripping the temp warnings, the CoreTemp software in Windows 7 is reporting just 45-55C. Which is accurate? And what CPU fan would be the best replacement of the Intel fan if I plan to O.C. it at some point?

Thanks! :)

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  1. The boxed fan/heatsink works. It's a noisy little blighter, and ugly, but it works. If you really do have temperatures around 88 degrees C, then you have a seriously problem.

    Have you removed and reseated the heatsink? That could cause a problem, because the thermal interface material on the stock heatsink is only good for connecting once. Maybe you should remove the cooler, remove any existing thermal interface compound, and apply fresh thermal paste (Arctic Silver is the most famous, but there are plenty of good choices - Dan's Data ran a test once, and lots of things worked for a while - even toothpaste! No, I DO NOT recommend using toothpaste!)

    If you want to install a new cooler (and I think that's a good idea), then you will probably need to take the motherboard out of the case - most good CPU coolers have a backplate to be attached to the bottom of the motherboard.

    I like the Noctua range of CPU coolers these days. They work well (and quietly, too), and they are really easy to install. If you want to overclock, the D14 is the bees knees, but without over-clocking you have lots of choices - I used the C12P SE14 on a recent build.
  2. I haven't reseated the heatsink... it's been mounted there since I initially put it on. I'm not entirely sure it's running at 88c. The temps in the Core Temp software all show around 45c in Windows 7 as I type this. So I don't know if I should believe Core Temp which supposedly uses Intel's sensors... or the BIOS reading coming from the Motherboard's sensors.
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