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First of all, I must say that many of my problems with my PC I've menaged to deal with because of this sites forum. Thanks for that!

now I have problem that is rather urgent, and I really do not have time to go searching all of forum, so I am asking you directly:

I have 1TB Western Digital Hard Disk, and until 4-5 days ago it was working just perfectly. since then it has been slowing down with data transmision, video playback freezes, sound also. I tried to switch cables ( I have both, ATA and SATA slots) tried different cables in case that those I allready have are damaged, but it didn't help. I noticed that Hard Drive actually "skips" (in lack of better term) when it's working. (closest description is when you have slightly damaged CD in CD player, and it skips/shakes when it plays).

Hard Drive itself isn't so old, and I used it on my old PC (via ATA cable) without problems. I am affraid that he is gone for good, or in best case scenario my power suply is not enough??

my configuration:

MotherBoard: Gigabyte M57SLI-S4
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4000+
Graphics: Zotac GeForce 1GB DDR3
Hard Drives:
WD 80GB ATA hard drive (on this one I have my system and 1TB one is for documents)
WD 1TB SATA hard drive

my power suply is MS 500W (rather weak, I think, but hey, you buy what you can pay )

Thank for any help you can give to me
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  1. You can test the drive with WD diagnostic software, to satisfy yourself that the drive is still healthy or not:

    If it checks out okay after testing with the Long/Extended test, try defragging it:
    Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter
  2. Will certanly try to do that! I'll give you results I get... THANKS!
  3. OK, I downloaded and started
    Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows
    it said :

    Smart status Failed
    re-allocated sector count
    Value 41
    treshold 140

    does that mean it is gone for good, or there is something I can do to repair it?? (I have 750 GB od data on it...)
  4. I would clone your drive, sector by sector, using a tool that knows how to work around bad sectors (eg ddrescue), and then use data recovery software on the clone.

    Ddrescue can perform multipass cloning. It clones the easy sectors on the first pass, and attempts the more difficult ones on subsequent passes. It can also clone your drive in reverse, thereby disabling lookahead caching. It keeps a log, allowing it to resume after an interruption.

    You could run ddrescue from a bootable CD, eg Ubuntu Rescue Remix.

    Clone a failing Windows hard disk with ddrescue on Ubuntu Rescue Remix:

    Ubuntu Rescue Remix:
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