Whats wrong with my 4890?

Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me figure out whats wrong with my hd4890. Its an msi oc model. It will, fairly often, cause a weird effect on the screen. It appears to oscillate or shake up and down very rapidly, like a badly tuned old tv trying to pick up a station, then correct itself. Its getting annoying. It appears to only do this every time a new flash (or youtube) video is loaded, such as when I have a playlist running. I have done no overvolting of any kind and the fan is functioning well. From time to time the screen will also flash off, or to black, and back on, very quickly, its noticeable but only just. Is this a sign of my video card preparing to bite the dust or simply some driver or internal os issue Im looking at here? Thanks!
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  1. Nobody? Its flickering I think is the best explanation. Someone must know whats causing this...
  2. i have a 4890, i know exactly what you are talking about, and i need to know one thing, is it at stock speeds? i know you said it was an oc version, but is at those speeds? if not, lower them, if it still doesnt work, put them to the 4890s default speeds 850 MHz for the core clock, 975 MHz for the memory.
  3. I tried the stock speeds, same issue. Ill put them at the default speeds now and see how it does. What is this a sign of, if anything?
  4. Yea I see it already. Same problem with default speeds. It happens when flash is engaged mostly. I never see it in games. Im running off google chrome. All drivers are the latest. Flash is also the latest version, as is chrome.
  5. dont worry, its nothing i know of, i have the same exact problem, but its only during loading screens, so i dont care enough to worry. did you recently download a new version of catalyst?
  6. Yes, today. But the trouble started on version 10.4..or perhaps on the switch to flash 10.1 from 10.0. Im not sure which...
  7. yeah, thats what did it for me. i was running 9.2 i think, something in the 9's, it runs fine, i upgrade to 10.? and the problem starts. The problem is the catalyst control center, download a earlier version if you cant, deal with the problems until they fix it if you cant. i for one arent terribly bugged by it.
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