Geforce gtx 460 vs. Geforce gtx 465 Evga superclocked on ibuypower

So i am buying a new pc on I buypower and was trying do decide between the two graphics card to play the new ffxiv. I figured the 460 is enough but 465 Is only $30 bucks more so wanted to know if I should bother since I am already looking at $1000+ for pc as it is. Greatly appreciate any feedback thanks.
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  1. No don't bother. On Newegg today, there are deals that allow you to buy the gtx 465 cheaper than the 460. But thats beside the point. At stock and or overclocked the 460 is just as good as its bigger brother.
  2. The 1GB 460 version is acutally better then the 465 becuase it can overclock really well.
  3. The GTX 460 also uses much less power.
    The only reason to consider the GTX 465 is that supposedly it can possibly unlock into a GTX 470 if you get the right card. That is a risk though.
  4. I am unsure how to overclock the graphics card. The 465 superclocked is going to come installed already. I hate to mess up something that cost me $1k.
  5. You just use MSI afterburner, its quite easy and very hard to mess up. Its as simple as moving a slider (seriously).

    Plus when you get a factory overclock card you are really over paying for the card.
  6. Yes, it's really quite easy and there is almost no risk involved.
  7. O, that does sound easy... Feel kind if dumb now lol. Where do I get Msi afterburner? Does it come with it or download it? So the 1gb gtx 460 overclocked she allow me to play ffxiv with no issues graphics wise on max res?
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