Where can i buy long screencables ans power cables?

My computer is noisy and it would be really nice to place it in another room.
is it possible? and where can i find long vga/dvi/hdmi cable and power cable to my computer? and how do I solve the problem with mouse and keyboard cables?
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  1. Power Cable? Just about any hardware/general store sells extension cords, you shouldn't have trouble with that one. lol

    HDMI cables come in lengths up to 100ft at newegg.com, I'm sure 50ft+ can be found at a large number of electronic stores.

    Mouse/Keyboard, once again all you need to do is buy USB extension cables, not sure how long they come. Maybe a wireless set up would work too.

    Personally I think it would be cheaper/easier to replace the noisy fans in the computer so it's no longer noisy.
  2. thanks. I build a new computer with goal of being quiet. my last pc where ok quiet. changed cpu fan, psu. but cabinet was not that good. then i bought a fractal design r3 expecting it to be really quiet, but it was not as i expected. same noiselevel as before, maybe abit more because of the case fans.

    abit OT, but if the case fans is connected to MB can their speed be controlled with a program like speedfan? does most new MB support that?
  3. EBAY
  4. Yeah you should be able to control case fan speed from a program, and you can probably adjust fan speeds in the BIOS as well.
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