4Gb of DDR3 ram, only 2Gb is Usable

Hi, sorry if this is a repeated question, I have GA p55 UD3 mobo with a 1st gen i5750. I have 4Gb of ram on the board, CPUZ shows 4Gb as does CCleaner, but in the sys info page it says only 2Gb is usable. Any starting points?
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  1. Could you provide a bit more info like OS and version as well as an image of where you see 2 GB usable?
  2. OS windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Cpu i5-750
    Mobo Ga p55a ud3

    img 1

    2nd img

    edit: another image that might be useful
  3. perhaps update the bios, reset the cmos and see what effect that has, also reseat the memory just incase

    also there may be some boot.ini settings limiting your memory, or some bad legacy app perhaps - a fresh install will cover all this to confirm
  4. Turns out I had a bad stick of ram... messed around and it would boot up with one of the sticks in there.

    Thanks any way guys
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