Need help completely formatting a hard drive...

Hello there,

So before I ask the question I thought I'd explain whats going on...

First I recently finished buying the rest of the parts I need to replace my old mobo/cpu...
I had an i3-550 rig with an unknown mobo from gateway-sx2851.

I will be replacing them both with a EVGA P67 SLI Micro and a i7-2600k...

I also repurchased windows 7 64bit.

The question I have is: What do I need to do in order to completely erase everything on this hard drive, and be able to rein-stall windows 7 with the new parts? What is the easiest way?

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    put the disk in the drive, boot off it, follow the directions, select the old partition to delete, then make a new one
  2. just boot from dvd choose custom install and format reinstall thats about as easy as it gets.
  3. That's what I thought... I've done this before but only to change OS. Thanks for the help.
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