Can I network two computers together with dial-up?

I have two laptops that I want to network together to play Diablo 2 on. However, one of the computers is so old, it does not have any networking ports. All I have on hand is a card that adds a dial-up port. Can I use this to network the two laptops together, or do I need to buy an Ethernet card?
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    Not going to work.

    Best bet is to add an ethernet network adapter -- you can get those in USB and PCMCIA format for not much money. Then run cables to a router -- or link the two computers with a crossover cable.
  2. Yes, you can connect 2 computers by modem. This does not create a TCP network, though, so the gameplay won't work right.

    This was how you did file transfers/downloads/BBS in the old days. You would need hosting or file transfer software that worked with modems to do this though.
  3. Your cheapest bet would be to use a cross over cable and directly connect the two PC's. PCI network cards are pretty cheap and depending on the distance between the two, your cable shouldn't be to much.

    Just make sure your getting a crossover cable and not a regular straight through cable. They are usually red instead of blue.
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