Asus M2N-MX compatible with raedeon 6450 graphics card

I have Asus M2N-MX motherboard (not le or se, just simple M2N-MX):

I had Nvidia 8600 GTS grpaphic card which worked well until few days ago, and I had to replace it with temporary Radeon X330 card.

Now, I have bought a new simple Radeon 6450 graphics card and I tried to install it, but it does not work. I can't see nothing on the screen, even on boot.

i have upgraded my bios to the latest from Asus.
I have very powerfull PSU on this box.

I can only think about PCIe 1.0 vs 2.0, but from what I read on the forum, it should work fine.
Any ideas?

If this card won't work, will any other PCIe v2.0 card will work? or should I look for used v1.0 card?
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  1. Are you absolutely sure that the new video card is not defective? Did you test it in another system?
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