Is it possible to remove motherboard radiators

im lookin at modding my motherboard with better radiators on the permanant cpu chipsets is it possible to get them ungluded from the old ones and if so how with out damaging them
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  1. Those aren't radiators, they are heatsinks (bladed pieces of aluminum glued/pinned to key chipset components). First, you really shouldn't have to change those.

    You can remove those just by prying them off. Just be gentle. Clean with isopropyl alcohol and attach new heatinks/chipset coolers.
  2. well pretty much the same concept radiator heatsinks and yeah i know i dont have to replace them just want to get more advanced ones since my workstation generates mass amounts of heat and power i was looking to cool it down in other places besides liquid or phase/nitrogen
  3. Same concept, but radiators are part of water cooled systems and not what you were really asking about. Not a problem.

    If your chipset components are generating that much heat, you might just be better off with a spot cooler (see below for an example) to direct more air where you need it. You should also look at your airflow, in general, to make sure your system is pulling cool air through the front and exhausting hot air out the back.
  4. yeah sounds good but i may still see if i can replace the heat sinks too to keep it cooler and make it look better you might wanna check out or they have some better deals on fans and cooling thanks for your help
  5. You may need to release pins from the backside of the motherboard in order to remove the heatsinks that are on the chipsets.
  6. There's a detailed set of instructions on the Asus web site for how to do this. Check the forums / motherboards section / important topics / plz read before posting section.
  7. theres no need to be rude im just simply getting information
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