I'm planning on upgrading an..

Emachines et1331g-03w

2.7ghz athlon II x2 processor
6gb ram

I'm planning on upgrading the video card and power supply in this to where i would be able to play games.

Is this a good deal(compatibility too.) or is there something better?

Gigabyte 5770 & OCZ Modxstream 700w

p.s: i'm also looking to use these in a future build.
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  1. It's a good deal.... the PSU doesn't do well if it gets too warm. 40C is the cutoff. The 600W version might be a bit better.

    If that's your budget then I would say OK. But don't push the PSU too hard or run it in a hot room/case.
  2. My budget is flexible up to $300 for a Video Card and Power Supply. Would that change your opinion?

    What about the same combo with a corsair 850w psu?
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    Oh yes that would change my mind.

    For $315 (note the free shipping) you could get these two

    GTX 460 (768MB)
    Much stronger than the 5770 and shorter as well, more likely to fit in your case.

    Antec TP-750

    If that's too much there's the TP-650, or the EA650.
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